Why is the treadmill digital printing machine so popular?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-19
Is the treadmill digital printing machine so popular? 1. Treadmill garment printing machine has a fast response speed. With its fast proofing, the treadmill T-shirt printing machine can improve the response speed of enterprises to orders. It is one step ahead of the printing enterprises in the market. The competition is intensified, the processing price is reduced, and the profit margin is reduced. Customers have higher requirements for printing companies in terms of cost, response speed, quality, and service. Which company takes out samples first will be one step ahead and get orders. Increasing the speed of proofing will undoubtedly enable digital printing processing companies to win out of many competitors. 2. Treadmill digital printing machine reduces costs. Using treadmill garment printing machine for proofing can replace part of the original work that must be done on rotary screen and flat screen printing machines without taking up machine time. Generally, it takes 3-4 hours to print a T-shirt printing machine on a treadmill. If the customer is not satisfied, it will be revised repeatedly, which will cause a great waste of the company's production capacity. 3. The proofing effect is good, and the customer approval rate is high. The treadmill digital printing machine is a different system from the traditional printing. Many professional and technical personnel are worried that the proofing effect of the treadmill garment printing machine is not good. This can be assured, because the direct-injection digital The printing is to use software to adjust the proofing effect of the treadmill T-shirt printing machine. From the color point of view, since the ink used by the treadmill digital printing machine is adjustable (precision), the color can be assured. After many experiments by Yanyan , The color effect produced can be completely accepted by the majority of customers. 4. The direct-injection digital printing process has a wide range of applications. The inks that can be used for proofing include reactive inks and acid inks. In the customer's sample, if it is a paper draft or an electronic draft, you can directly use the treadmill digital printing machine to proof after the color separation process. The traditional printing machine can complete mass production according to the proofing effect. 5. Personalized crafts and common crafts are combined with traditional crafts + treadmill digital printing machine, and the printing crafts are diversified: glue, color drawing, glue, thick board, foaming, bronzing, flocking, 3D, thermosetting oil, etc. Technological cooperation; the favorite of consumers who are in line with the pursuit of personalized clothing in reality; low cost, one piece can be printed, and mass production; one printing equipment, Nissan: 3000 pieces are not a problem; more orders, less than one month The cost of the treadmill garment printing machine is earned back; there is no need to worry about the speed of the machine, and there is no need to worry about the cost of the machine. And the treadmill T-shirt printing machine independently developed by Yanyan: low cost of accessories; long service life; machine stability guarantees printing accuracy and high-speed production; lower investment cost, treadmill digital printing machine can be upgraded; simple operation, fast response of the machine Equivalent. 6. Compared with the traditional rotary screen printing production, the preservation of files is a more troublesome problem. However, the data and process plans required by the treadmill garment printing machine during the printing process are all stored in the computer. Among them, the reproducibility of the printing can be guaranteed. The digital printing design samples are arbitrarily modified on the computer to fully and fully express the designer's design concepts and aesthetic concepts. If the designer is not satisfied with the proofing effect, he can immediately re-modify it in the computer, and after several color preparation and pattern changes, until the satisfactory effect is achieved. In traditional printing, once the designer's sample is confirmed, it is difficult to create and modify it again. For patterns, patterns, color matching, etc., there is a lack of flexibility and rapid market adaptability in production. Due to the high printing accuracy of the treadmill T-shirt printing machine, there are almost no problems with the accuracy of the pattern and color registration. No matter what pattern and how many colors are printed, it is all done by a direct printing method. It avoids the pollution of a large number of reducing agents and the waste of dyes in the traditional 'carving' process, and also ensures the bright color and fastness. Well, the advantages of the treadmill digital printing machine are here for the time being, if you want to know more, please pay attention to Yanyan official website
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