Why silver continues to look strong?

by:angelacrox     2020-06-10
Although it is difficult to predict where silver prices will go in the short term, there are several basic reasons why silver prices may rise in the medium and long term.
After touching the price of $50 an ounce, the price of silver is basically limited to $32 --36 per ounce (
1 ounce equals 31 ounces. 1 grams).
Although it is difficult to predict where silver prices will go in the short term, there are several basic reasons why silver prices may rise in the medium and long term.
Silver has several industrial uses because it is a very good electrical conductor, a very good thermal guide and light reflector, and also a wonderful lubricant.
But demand for silver has been declining in several major industries over the past few years.
As Jeff Clark wrote in the recently released Casey Research 2011 silver investment guide, \"demand in many industries using silver is flat or falling.
Household demand for silver such as tableware, tableware and candle holders has not increased for ten years.
Jewelry production has already started, but it is only a small problem.
With the transformation of digital photography and image storage, the use of photographic film processing continues to decline.
But despite this, the overall demand for silver is still rising and is expected to continue to rise in the next few years.
GFMS Co. , Ltd. recently conducted a study for the silver research institute called the future of silver demand, which is expected to grow from 487.
4 million ounces to 665 ounces.
9 million ounces in 2015.
The demand for silver is expected to come from several new industrial uses of white metal.
In fact, there are more new patents applied for on silver than any other metal.
\"Consumption of electronic products has increased by 120% since 1999.
Silver use in solar panels began in 2000, and usage has since increased by 640%.
Silver is first used as a biokiller (
Antibacterial Drugs)
In 2002, although the total amount of silver used was only a small part, it has increased by 6-
Clark wrote.
Let\'s take a closer look at these uses.
Given that Silver has the highest thermal conductivity and conductivity of any metal, its use in electrical and electronic applications accounts for less than half of its industrial use.
Over the past ten years, one of the main uses of silver in this field has been to manufacture more
Layer Ceramic Capacitors for a variety of consumer goods including mobile phones.
Given that global demand for mobile phones will continue to be strong in the coming years, demand for silver in this area may remain strong.
In addition to that, electronic usage per car is increasing, paving the way for greater silver demand.
As Stephen Leeb pointed out in a recent research paper, Hi Ho Silver, \"In addition, strong growth in the automotive industry should also benefit the demand for Silver contacts.
Not only is global auto production expected to grow by an average of nearly 6% in 20112015 but, (
At least equally important)
Is the rise in electronic usage per car.
\"The silver contact is an electronic device.
Mechanical devices connecting circuits.
From the control windshield wiper and seat adjustment to the management navigation system, the core use of silver contacts is increasing.
\"The growth of solar energy can be said to be the most important development in silver demand in recent years,\" the GFMS report noted . \".
Solar panels need to be installed to generate solar energy, and since Silver has better thermal and conductive properties and reflected power, it uses silver.
\"Over the past decade, the industry\'s share has risen rapidly, soaring from less than 2 million ounces to an estimated 50 million ounces in 2010.
\"Demand is expected to reach nearly 70 million ounces this year, up 40% year on year,\" the report further said . \".
Also, in the days to come, solar energy could be hit because the world is aware of the dangers of nuclear power, as the Japanese tsunami almost takes the world to the brink of a nuclear disaster.
The use of silver in solar power is not a new thing, but \"However, the new is a strong political will and supported by financial incentives.
As a result, analysts expect demand in this area to continue to grow.
As Leeb wrote, \"countries outside Europe account for about 70% of the total. .
To date, the pipeline for the project is still strong, with a significant increase expected in China, India and the United States.
Egypt, Morocco and Israel are also expected to increase facilities rapidly, albeit on a smaller scale.
These countries and many others are expected to drive growth in the forecast window, with total silver demand exceeding 100 million ounces by 2015, roughly double last year\'s level.
\"In order to give readers a sense of proportion, the total amount of silver mined in 2010 was about 0. 7 billion ounces.
Silver as a killing agent: in fact, Silver also has good resistance
The characteristic of bacteria, which was originally used as a biokilling agent I. e.
Antibiotics were only available in 2002.
Since then, however, Silver has grown six-fold in use in this area.
Jeff Nielsen, editor of Www
Com wrote, \"Silver is unique in having chemical properties, which makes it impossible for bacteria to breed . . . . . . Look at the use of silver in polyester sportswear . . . . . . Because of its resistance.
Bacterial properties.
In this case, however, silver kills bacteria not to prevent the disease, but to reduce the smell.
The bacteria in our sweat are the reason for the smell.
If bacteria are killed, the smell will be greatly reduced.
Nielsen\'s estimates suggest that this segment consumes more than 38 million ounces a year.
Clark also noted that \"the new use of silver is being discovered almost every day, especially in the field of biokiller.
Radio frequency identification (RFID)
The label is another major area where silver demand may pick up in the coming days.
As Leeb points out, \"they use printed silver ink made of silver nitrate.
RFID tags can be used to track inventory and provide an alternative to barcodes, which can store more data in comparison.
Essentially, their role is to transmit data stored on a label (
Usually in a chip)
Connect to the reader via antenna.
Silver can be used in the antenna and a combination is formed between the chip and the label itself.
Global demand is currently expected at 1-
2 million ounces per year, expected to double by 2015.
Solid State Lighting is another area where demand is expected in the coming days.
Over the years, the production of silver has increased as producers have mined more silver to cash in on the sharp rise in silver prices.
Since 1999, the supply of silver has increased by 33%.
But demand has risen faster.
In 2010, the supply of silver was about 0. 7 billion ounces, while the total demand for silver was about 0. 85 billion ounces.
Make up for the shortage of supply through scrap silver.
Scrap silver is silver recovered after it has been used in an application.
But there is a problem with scrapping.
As Clark points out, \"While scrap metal accounts for about 20% of the total supply of silver, many of these new applications are difficult to recycle.
Some applications contain such a small amount of substances that it is not economical for them to be recaptured, such as many biokilling and nanotechnology applications.
It will be a long wait for others.
For example, there are 20 solar panels-to 30-year life.
Others are waiting for a more effective recovery plan;
For example, more than half of the silver in mobile phones, televisions, computers and other electronic products is still finally buried.
All these reasons still make Silver a very interesting investment bet.
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