why using digital printing services?

by:angelacrox     2020-06-01
In the past 20 years, printing technology has
Printing services for high quality digital printing.
Even if the original digital printing is only good for fast printing work and office printing, this trend has changed with the arrival of new high-tech
Technical printers such as HP Indig and Xerox show the flexibility of digital printing.
Digital printing services now offer the same quality as flat print, but have many other advantages.
Advantages of digital printing • even at the beginning of the digital printing service, printing quality is not as good as non-digital printing
Set the print, this is no longer the case.
Digital printing now offers very close high quality printing
Print is set even for high resolution images.
HP Indigo is the best digital printer on the market and it produces a very similar quality of digital printing to the quality of litho printing.
• Short turnaround time digital printing technology allows faster turnaround time than off
Setting up printing is mainly because you don\'t need to create plates or set them up with digital technology.
Save setup time to generate documents faster than litho printing.
The highly flexible digital printing technology is very flexible, allowing the company to produce hundreds of different documents (
Flyers, postcards, brochures, business cards . . . . . . )
In many different formats (
From A1 to A7 or more)
Hundreds of different types of paper.
One of the main advantages of digital printing for variable data printing is that this allows you to personalize your document to the recipient.
Called variable data printing, this technology can really increase your direct mail response rate and increase your sales. The green digital printing process is greener than flat printing it allows for short time printing, reducing the waste of paper.
In addition, most digital printers can print on FSC and recycled paper and propose eco-friendly inks.
Especially for low volume printing, the price is cheaper, and litho printing used to be much cheaper than digital printing a few years ago, which is no longer the case now.
Digital printing service prices are now non-
Setup costs, digital printing is much cheaper for short-term printing of small batch documents.
How will digital printing adapt to today\'s market?
After decades of print dominance, digital printing seems to be inset now.
Nowadays, the company wants to personalize the document. in this market, digital printing is very competitive.
Digital printing seems to be the right solution for fast turnaround times, emergency printing, and short-term work.
Because of the ecological environment
Nowadays, Being friendly is not just a trend. in many companies, digital printing is the whole process of going green.
In addition, the digital printing improvements of the past few years, such as the increase in the speed of the machine and the reduction in the price, significantly improve its competitive power in the printing market.
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