Will digital direct-injection printing fade?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-04
The T-shirt printing machine sprays ink directly on the clothes. This is a new technology. It has only been 20 years since its birth. At this stage, digital direct-injection printing is mainly concentrated in two pieces, one is pure cotton woven piece cloth, pure cotton knitted piece cloth, and canvas. Most of these are white or light-colored fabrics. There is no need to use a white background. The fabric used in digital direct-injection printing, its washing fastness is comparable to rotary screen printing, flat screen printing, and reactive printing. In the case of dark fabrics, a layer of white ink is required. The clothes printed in this way will be hand-washed and machine-washed more than 80 times without fading. So what is the concept of washing eighty times? Let’s take T-shirts and pullovers (sweatshirts) as examples. In fact, digital direct-injection printing is mainly for printing T-shirts and pullovers (sweatshirts) in terms of ready-to-wear and cut pieces. T-shirts are generally worn. One year, the south can wear three seasons of T-shirts in a year, and the north does not arrive in two seasons. On average, one person will have three or two T-shirts and one or two shirts. You can wear two pieces of water at most in a week, and at most 8 water in a month. To say a digression: In these days, no one wears a piece of clothing for ten and a half months except for farmers who go to the field to work. Let’s count. Next, if you wash 8 times a month, 80 times, you can wear it for 10 months and more than three seasons. This is enough whether it is placed in the south or the north. Let’s talk about pullovers (sweatshirts). Clothes are also worn in spring and autumn, and the frequency of washing is lower. On average, it is at most once a week, and it is only 4 times a month. If 80 times, it means 20 months, 7 quarters, and almost 3 years. enough. In summary, digital direct-injection printing does not fade without white ink. Although white ink is limited, it can still meet the demand.
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