Will the environmental protection department check the treadmill T-shirt printing machine?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-19
T-shirt printing machines still have to be cautious. Most of the treadmill T-shirt printing machines are small and medium-sized digital printing factories, which do not have the ability to treat sewage, nor are they able to purchase sewage treatment equipment alone. When the Environmental Protection Agency investigates, all you need to see is the one with a white background. The screen frame will be very troublesome, ranging from the confiscation of the machine to the closure of the factory, but from the feedback statistics of our thousands of customers, only a small number of them are blocked. So how to avoid being targeted by the environmental protection department? 1. Entering the environmental protection park. Now many places have built environmental protection parks, specifically for polluting enterprises to settle in. The sewage here is centralized by the park, so you can rest assured that the cost of entering the environmental protection park is a bit high, and the rent of the plant will also be added. Higher, but this is a trend, if you want to be bigger, this cost is to be spent. 2. Self-built sewage treatment system If you cannot or do not want to settle in the environmental protection industrial park, you can consider building your own sewage treatment system, but the cost is a bit high, and continuous maintenance is required in the later period, anyway, it is more troublesome. 3. If you don’t like the first two schemes of direct-injection printing, you can consider this one. However, the cost of direct-injection printing on dark fabrics is higher. The unit price is now, but now there is also some demand for high-end printing. If there is an order in this area, it can be considered. 4. The plant is remote. This should be the lowest cost solution. Rent the plant to a relatively remote place, or directly put the treadmill T-shirt printing machine in the private house for processing, so as to avoid the environmental protection department from visiting the house. , But this method is not good for receiving orders, etc. This method is suitable for small troubles, not much. So in the long run, the first three options are more reliable.
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