Will the pattern printed by the direct-injection digital printing machine fade?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-24
The pattern printed by the digital printing machine has very good color fastness. Basically, the color fastness of white fabric is above level 4, and the color fastness of dark fabric is above level 3. The direct-injection digital printing machine is very environmentally friendly and the process is the simplest. So now chemical fiber fabrics have also begun to turn to the direct-injection process. Compared with the thermal transfer printing, the direct-injection digital printing machine started late, so it is changing from the transfer printing In the process of turning to direct-injection printing, there will inevitably be a question about the color fastness of the direct-injection digital printing machine. Will the color fade after washing? 1. There are more manufacturers of treatment liquids. Although the components of treatment liquids from different manufacturers are similar, they may differ by a few tenths of a percent, and their effects are also huge. Choose the right treatment liquid. It's just the first point of color fastness guarantee. 2. The direct-injection digital printing machine inks on the high-quality ink market are also uneven, not necessarily expensive but good, but the quality of the ink not only plays a vital role in the printing effect and fluency, but also directly Affect the color fastness of printing. 3. Fabrics with different fixing temperatures, different inks, and different processes have different fixing temperatures. Too low is useless, and too high is easy to damage the fabric. An ideal fixing temperature can not only ensure a better color The fastness does not affect the feel of the fabric. 4. Fixing time The fixing time depends on the fixing temperature and equipment. The lower the temperature, the longer the fixing time, and vice versa. Different equipment, even at the same temperature, will have a different fixing time. The difference is that the curing time of the oven must be longer than that of the pressing machine and the tunnel furnace, because it needs to be considered that there is a heating process from normal temperature to high temperature, which takes time.
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