Will the pattern printed by the shirt printing machine fade?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-09
The patterns printed on T-shirts by the T-shirt printing machine will not fall off under normal washing, hand washing, and machine washing, but will fall off by violent scrubbing and physical scratching. Basically, a digital direct-injection printed T-shirt is worn. Two seasons are still okay. As a latecomer, digital direct-injection printing is not as well-known as thermal transfer printing, and its popularity is still slightly behind that of thermal transfer printing, but I believe that the popularity of digital direct-injection printing machines will surely increase over time More than thermal transfer machines, many people have heard of or saw T-shirt printing machines for the first time, so they have a lot of questions about them. So the T-shirt printing machine will not fade in the end? This answer is actually relative, it mainly depends on how to test. 1. Normal water washing, machine washing, and hand washing will not fade. In this case, a digital direct-injection printed T-shirt can be worn for one or two seasons. Of course, not all digital direct-injection printed T-shirts. T-shirts don’t fade. This has something to do with machines, craftsmanship, ink, etc. So far, I haven’t heard from customers that Yanyan’s T-shirt printer digital direct-injection printing will fade. As a leader in the industry, Yanyan has already The quality of the T-shirt printing machine, mature craftsmanship, and high-quality ink are coordinated and coordinated, and there will be basically no problems such as color fading. 2. In the case of violent scrubbing and violent scratching, the digital direct-injection printing on the white fabric will not fall off, but the digital direct-injection printing on the dark fabric will be destroyed. The current color fastness of DuPont white ink The silk screen glue is quite similar. Therefore, the color will not fade, mainly depends on how to test it. If you test it with a normal heart, it will be no problem. If you have to be true, use violent scraping, there is no guarantee that any style of printing will not fade.
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