Xiangyu direct-injection digital printing machine provides a full set of pure cotton printing solutions

by:angelacrox     2021-08-23
The digital printing machine can easily print. Therefore, the fire of pure cotton digital printing machine has become inevitable! However, because it is a new technology, most of the direct-injection digital printing machines currently on the market have imperfect functions. Of course, many manufacturers use foreign technology. Few manufacturers have truly mastered the core key technologies and have strong Ru0026D capabilities. In order to solve this situation, Yanyan, as a national high-tech enterprise, has invested heavily in research and development to promote the development of printing technology, promote the reputation of domestic products in the digital printing industry, and bring more to customers. Good printing solutions are our mission. Over the years, after extensive market research and in-depth technical research and development, four series of industrial-grade high-speed pure cotton direct-injection digital printing machines have been launched, including rolls of cloth, T-shirt pieces, sweaters and scarves, and home textiles. The printing speed ranges from 50 square meters to 400 square meters, which can meet the different needs of different printing customers for digital printing proofing, digital printing on-demand production and digital printing mass production. In a true sense, it can provide customers with the overall service and support of digital printing. . The good macro market prospects and its own strong technical strength have allowed Xiangyu's direct-injection digital printing machine to enter the domestic and foreign printing market. It has been widely used in textile printing, flags, home furnishings, personalized design and other related fields. In the future, Yanyan will also closely follow the market trend, and look forward to bringing you more perfect printing solutions in the future, so that Made in China will flourish.
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