Xiangyu environmental pollution-free digital printing solution

by:angelacrox     2021-08-23
Digital printing machine, reliable quality, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Why is Yanyan a digital printing machine? With the improvement of environmental protection awareness and the stricter supervision of government departments, traditional manual printing will eventually die out. It has high efficiency, good color fastness, wide printing materials, low printing cost, etc. The advantage is that it is the best choice for large-scale mass production. It is still in the transitional stage, but the total ban on screen printing has entered the countdown. Due to its environmental protection and pollution-free characteristics, digital printing machines will eventually completely replace manual screen printing. The digital direct-injection printing machine is more suitable for small batches, more fancy and other customized T-shirt printing. These characteristics just meet the needs of the development of the personalized customization market. Since its establishment in 2005, Yanyan has focused on the development of digital direct-injection printing machines. Research and development, currently has formed a full series of products such as digital direct-injection printing machine, conductive belt digital printing machine, oval digital printing machine, UV printer and so on. Various models have been refined, ranging from small T-shirt printers for entrepreneurs to digital direct-injection printers for factories. Features of Yanyan T-shirt printing machine: 1. Reliable quality. It is one of the few digital printing equipment manufacturers in the industry that dares to provide a two-year warranty for digital direct-injection printing machines. 2. Discharge printing combined with digital printing technology, no hand feeling, low cost, real high-end digital direct-injection printing. 3. Yanyan's special ink can reach level 4 color fastness, and the color is still bright after repeated washing. It eliminates the time-consuming and difficult to handle pre- and post-processing of other inks, and also solves the problem of difficulty in digital printing on pure cotton fabrics. Yanyan direct injection machine introduction: 1. Small footprint, single operation, low operating technology threshold, you can learn in half a day 2. Fast speed, up to 4000 pieces per day (elliptical digital printing machine); 3. Dark and light Colored fabrics can be printed, no hand feel, breathable; 4. The perfect combination of traditional manual printing and modern digital direct-injection printing, guarantees the effect while reducing costs; 5. Fast production cycle, single-chip cause, the highest rate of return and Low printing cost. Process 1. Film production, screen printing 2. Scratch and faded paste 3. Hot press drawing, white drawing where the pattern is to be printed 4. Digital direct-injection printing 5. Color fixation 6. Finished product
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