Yangquan folk artists make 100-meter heat transfer to apply for Guinness World Records

by:angelacrox     2021-08-17
We often see Chinese paintings and oil paintings in our daily lives, but when it comes to heat transfer, I am afraid that many people don't know much about it. Wang Licheng, who lives in the Dongyaofang community of Yangquan mining area, has mastered the heat transfer skills through many years of self-study. Recently, he has created a 100-meter-long 'Avalokitesvara Heat Transfer' and wants to apply for the Guinness Book of World Records. Judging from the feedback given to him by relevant experts in the province, his 'Guanyin Heat Transfer Picture' is highly likely to be selected.
'Heat transfer is a kind of craft painting made by heating with a special iron pen on paper, cloth or wood board, etc. The color is mostly brown.' Wang Licheng said, he learned heat transfer It originated from an online experience many years ago. After being fascinated, he began to learn by himself, mainly painting on cloth. With his passion and hardworking spirit, Wang Licheng has completed more than 50 heat transfer works in three years. Graceful maids, naive birthday stars, vivid and lifelike horses... the works are vivid and lifelike.
His 'Guanyin Heat Transfer Picture' was completed on a whole piece of cloth about 100 meters long and 1 meter wide. There are 180 statues of Guanyin, including the well-known Guanyin of Yangliu and Guanyin of Songzi. , Baiyi Guanyin, etc., there are also pictures of Guanyin that are not commonly seen, such as applying medicine, Yiye, and Yanming. 'It took two years to design, produce, and complete the 'Guanyin Heat Transfer'.' Wang Licheng said that the painting cannot be modified. It takes about two or three days to complete an ordinary Guanyin statue. However, complex patterns such as the Thousand-Hand Guanyin will take half a month to complete.
Wang Licheng said that to make a heat transfer, you first need a good fabric. 'Good cloth' refers to cotton cloth with a cotton content of more than 98% and no skipped stitches or hooks on the cloth surface. 'The heat transfer cannot be washed before or after the painting, so the fabric used should not have any flaws.' Choosing the fabric is just the beginning. After that, you need to lightly draw the pattern on the cloth with a pencil and use it again. The brush redraws the pattern drawn by the pencil. Wang Licheng's brush is, to be precise, an electric soldering pen. The welding head made of copper is ground into various shapes according to the needs of the various lines and surfaces to be ironed. Wang Licheng said that successful hot stamping requires not only accurate pen selection, but also the coordination of hot stamping time, temperature and pressure. For example, a 20-kilowatt-hour internally heated electric soldering iron is small and exquisite and easy to use. It can be used for portrait heat transfer in paper heat transfer; while a 200-kilowatt-hour electric soldering iron can process the welding head into a flat shovel or a snake head. Shape, hot large area tones. In addition, during the hot stamping process, the temperature and pressure should also be moderate. If the temperature or pressure is too low, it cannot be attached. If the temperature is too high, the pattern will faint or even burn.
In addition to applying for the Guinness World Records, Wang Licheng has a long-term plan. 'I plan to prepare a training class, recruit a few apprentices, and pass on my handicraft.'
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